Date Night Dinners:

Mystery Couples Cookbook

24 delicious dinner recipes for two hidden by scratch off material, so you never know what you're going to make until you scratch!

No more "what should we do for date night?"

Studies show cooking is the best activity to strengthen a relationship

Makes the perfect gift ❤️




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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

"This book has taken our relationship to the next level!"

We are so happy we stumbled on this book. It has singlehandedly change the date night experience! We love cooking and trying new dishes!

Julia and Walker

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Say goodbye to

boring dates...

Beginner-friendly recipes

All meals take <1 hour make

24 weeks of planned weekly date nights

100% Happiness Guarantee

Happy customers are our #1 priority. We really mean it. If you make at least 3 of the recipes in 30 days and you're not completely satisfied, we'll completely refund you. Happy cooking :)

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couples are saying...

Luke M.|

Verified Buyer

"My girlfriend loves this book."

I saw this on TikTok and just decided to get it and I'm so glad. My girlfriend was so excited and I can tell it means a lot to her when we cook together.

Michele C.|

Verified Buyer

"Having a great time so far!!"

My bf and I are 6 recipes in so far and are having a great time :) I love how the recipes are always made for 2 people so there's not a ton of leftovers.

Katie F.|

Verified Buyer

"Literally the perfect gift."

I needed a last-minute gift for a bridal shower and this was PERFECT. The bride absolutely loved it.

Isabel C.|

Verified Buyer

"So worth it."

I was a little hesitant to buy this book because cooking usually isn't our thing but I'm so glad I did. The scratch off makes it really fun because it makes you try new things.

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